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Women Without Walls Initiative

...For The Interest Of Women,Youths And Children

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The Women without Walls Initiative (WOWWI) is a non-governmental, non-sectarian, all inclusive organization, comprised of progressive Nigerian women from every facet of life. WOWWI has formed a coalition of women groups nationally and internationally, to fight for, and advance the cause of women-folk, youth and children, irrespective of ethnic, religious or political affiliation. We are made up of ordinary women who are concerned about our environment, society and the world at large, especially as it affects, women, youths and children.

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Your Interventions provide resources that will help move our children away from their distressing past, and equip them for the exciting future that awaits them. We Invite You To View Our Stories And Share It To Your Friends And On Your Social Media Handles

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Subscribe to our newsletter to receive monthly updates and be a part of what we are doing ...

what We Are Doing!

One of my trainee women reported that an extremist scholar from an Islamic school in her area recruited her two daughters through his teachings and took them to Maiduguri to be part of the extremist movement. The parents of the girls searched for the girls and discovered that they were taken to Maiduguri. The younger of the two girls called the father with the help of the security man where they were kept hostage,the father alerted the security and the girls were found in Maiduguri and brought back to Jos.She thanks wowwi for training her to be close to her girls and warn them, which was why the younger one was able to call her parents from Maiduguri..

Maijiddah Garba
what We Are Doing!

My son was into drug abuse and there was a raid in the community by the police and he was arrested together with other youths. We were asked to bring the particulars /documents of our house before he will be released on bail. After giving it some deep thought, my husband and I decided not to give the documents to the police. When he was finally released he came back home sober and we asked him if we had given the house particulars, which house would he have come back to.He became very sober and never went back into substance abuse. Mothers School is a good initiative as each module is educative. Thank God for WOWWI bringing this to us.

Naomi Yaro:
what We Are Doing!

In collaboration with Tuesday’s Children New York, teenage girls who are victims of violent conflicts attend an annual trauma healing and reconciliation program in the United States tagged “Project Common Bond”. Under the plat form of wowwi, a number of the victims from Nigeria have had the rare privilege of attending the “Project Common Bond” sessions in New York. Eight girls so far (4 Muslims and 4 Christians) ha the privilege to attend the training..

Project Common Bond