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Over the years our work has been recognized by various individuals and organisations leading to several awards .
These recognitions attest to our passion in mobilising women to be the voice of change in conflicts event as we partner with different stakeholders to implement projects that further our goals as set out in our mission statement.
We also have as a result of our efforts taken to the inetrantional stage to carry our message so as to have a multiplier effect in conjunction to international influencers through conferences and events .
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The first assignment WOWWI embarked upon was several advocacy visits to all the major stakeholders on the Plateau starting with Youths in volatile communities popularly known as ‘flash points’ or ‘no go areas’ in both Christian and Moslem communities; opening dialogues and engaging them to shun all forms of violence and seek peace.



As a follow-up to the advocacy visits made to volatile communities, WOWWI discovered communities that have grievances with Government over perceived neglect and marginalization. WOWWI then embarked on some developmental projects to address some key drivers of violence such as unequal access to basic necessities and infrastructure.



The impact of these protests was huge as it brought to the forefront the power of women’s voices and created an opportunity for an organized platform for women to play an active role in peace building. The aftermath of these historical events led to a decision to join forces together by the two protest groups



NEW LIFE WOMEN PROJECT Realizing the hazards of alcohol and drug abuse to the social, physical and mental health of youths and society at large, and its contribution to the ethno-religious violence in Jos, Women Without Walls Initiative undertook a drastic step in stemming its tide in the society.

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Dialogue for Action

In June 2010 the Cécilia Attias Foundation for Women hosted the Dialogue for Action New York, in partnership with the World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO) and the International Herald Tribune. This event was held in association with the New York Forum, gathering 1000 CEOs, sovereign fund managers, and experts, at the Grand Hyatt in New York City. Pastor Esther Ibanga was a speaker at the event.
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Project Common Bond

Project Common Bond brings together teens, ages 15-20, from around the world who share a ‘common bond’ — the loss of a family member due to an act of terrorism, violent extremism or war. Launched in 2008, participants in our summer symposium and yearlong webinars engage in a dialogue of healing and community building, collaborate to promote the dignity of all, and learn conflict negotiation and peace-building skills, all to create positive change in their lives and communities.
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Project Common Bond

The effects of terrorism are all-encompassing: individual lives are forever changed, society is shaken, the economy must reconfigure itself, academics seek explanations, and politicians look for appropriate punitive and preventative measures. Women, however, have thus far not played a central role in the fight against terror—combating violent extremism has largely been men’s territory. Over the last two years, SAVE has built up a network of women in 15 countries who are positioned to act as agents of change in their communities, and to make women's voices heard at the highest political levels.
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Our Awards

NIWANO Peace Prize

The 32nd Niwano Peace Prize is awarded to Mrs. Esther Abimiku Ibanga of Nigeria, a pastor and an activist. She founded “Women Without Walls Initiative” in March 2010, born out of the desperation to put an end to the violent and senseless killings of women and children in Plateau state Nigeria. Since inception, the organization has become a strong coalition of women groups across religious and ethnic divides. From this platform, women have been placed at an advantageous position of raising their voices in the calls for peace in the troubled regions of Nigeria. It is on record that Women Without Walls Initiative is the first organization to have on its membership all the tribal women leaders, including Christian and Muslim women leaders. These women act as entry points into the various communities in her city particularly in reaching the youths and all community stakeholders. A courageous and dedicated religious leader, Esther has worked extensively to foster and facilitate reconciliation between conflicting religious and tribal groups.

Icon on the Plateau” for numerous contributions to the cause of youths House of Parliament University of Jos 2010
Lifetime achievement award for visionary leadership, in the areas of Peace, Women and Youth Empowerment Foundation for Peace and Non-Violence in Nigeria 2011
In recognition of Leadership role on the Plateau Plateau Dream Life Achievers 2012
In recognition of landmark contribution to the promotion of Sustainable Peace and Women and Youth Empowerment in Plateau State Plateau Dream 2012
In recognition of an Outstanding Contribution to Peace building on the Plateau Plateau State Government 2012
In recognition of an Outstanding Contribution to Women and Youth Empowerment and Peace building in Plateau State through Women without Walls Initiative The leadership Institute Jos 2012
For outstanding job in fight against HIV and AIDS spread and representing health issues on radio program NINERELA 2012
For outstanding performance in propagating Christ through Television programmed “This Present Truth” Queen Shalom Beauty Pageant 2012
In recognistion of WOWWI’s enormous contribution to Peace building and Youth Empowerment in Plateau State Student Union Government University of Jos Chapter 2013
Pacesetters merit award in recognition of Support and contribution to Education on the Plateau Islamic Counseling Initiative of Nigeria 2014
Excellence as Icon of Inspiration Pyem Students Association Gindiri Plateau State 2014
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