To build confidence between the police and grassroots communities and to strengthen community policing, WOWWI in partnership with United States Institute of Peace has cu facilitated Peace Dialogues between the police and communities Stakeholders in Plateau state. The Barkin Ladi police community dialogue was held on the 6th September 2014 at the Gwol hotel and conference center Barkin Ladi. A total of 176 people were in attendance with 43 different stakeholder groups represented. It was the first ever community police dialogue held in the locality. Some of the highlights of the issues raised were:

  1. Offenders released without any form of penalty. •
  2. Prolonging cases at the police stations.
  3. Extortion by the police at checkpoints.
  4. Polarization of vigilante groups along religious lines.
  5. Politicians misleading the youths into perpetuating violence.   

Below are some of the feedback received during and after the dialogue:

  • Dalyop Maichibi applauded WOWWI noting that it is commendable that an indigenous NGO is organizing the event and not an international one.
  • Hon.Titus Alams member representing Barkin Ladi at the state house of assembly revealed that all allocations made towards security are being channeled to the Police and other security agencies. He also commended WOWWI and added that he believed women would be the agents that will restore peace back to Plateau state. The Police however complained of inadequate tools to work with.